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1 CHOOSE YOUR PRODUCTS:  What products are you passionate about? What will sell the best? The most important step towards choosing the right products is knowing your customers and THEIR needs. As an AfricStyle retailer you’ll have access to popular products; and to the extra help you need to succeed fast.

2 CREATE YOUR “LIST”: Make a list of 50-100 people you know from work, church, family or anywhere else. Put down names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses if you can. This is the starting point to your success.

3 COMMUNICATE:  Tell the people on your list about your new business. You can send letters, emails, make phone calls and post on social media. Letting people know will get people talking. People remember you first and can spread the news to their own friends.

4 GET YOUR PRODUCTS: Contact me for our wholesale product list at you can choose products or get an easy starter kit. You can make back your investment, and get extra income right away.

5 SALES LOCATIONS, MARKETING & PROMOTIONS The most successful businesses are the ones that know how to HAVE FUN. Be creative and OWN your business from the beginning to the end. Your new business can also make you many new friends along the way.